Town Came Together To Take Care Of Dog


For several months she ran loose in Irving. People sat food out for her, knowing she was hungry.  No one knew where she came from.  

The collar she had on disappeared.  Animal control tried to catch her, but couldn't.

Our store was closed for winter so I didn't see her until March when we opened.  I also started trying to feed her with hopes of petting her.  It took a long time, but it finally happened.  Then I started brushing her and just talking to her. I wanted to take her home, but we had three other dogs.  How would they react?

On July 7 she disappeared for a week.  Everyone was very concerned.  There was a rumor that someone had beaten a dog to death.  

On the afternoon of July 13 she returned! The joy that we all felt–the relief thinking about what could have happened to her.

Then someone said, "she has had puppies."

After watching her for about ten days, someone found them.  It was very dangerous for her to run back and forth across Route 16 to get food, so people started taking it to her.  

Someone called animal control to report her in the traffic.  They came to get her on Monday, July 30.  I helped rescue the puppies; after all, I was taking them home anyway.

On Wednesday, Aug. 1, a friend and I went to get them.  Only a few people got to see her and the puppies before they were taken away.  On our way through town we stopped at Grandma's Kitchen to let everyone see them.  There were three puppies–so fat and cute.

This town came together to take care of this dog.  I met people I didn't know and became better friends to others because this dog needed help.  She means a lot to all of us.

We feel honored to be able to adopt Sasha and her puppies.  She is a wonderful girl–smart and well-trained and expresses her love well.  I started calling her Sasha when she let me pet her.

Her purpose being here was to bring people together, and she did a very good job of that.  I know everyone misses seeing her daily, but I get to see her all the time.  I hope to take her and the puppies to town so they can see her and she can thank them.

We want to thank everyone who had a part in her life.  She has been–and is–a blessing in ours.