Trim The Size Of County Board, Not Recycling


Montgomery County would be taking a giant step backwards if it ended the recycling program. Surely it's better to recycle acceptable items than fill our dump with those same items. 

Some county services can't generate enough tax, filing fees or fines to pay for the service. Those services are–in part–subsidized by the general fund. Recycling should be one of those services.

If the county wants to save money, the board should consider decreasing its size from 21 members to 14 (two per district), or better yet seven (one per district). In a county of our size, seven board members should be more than enough to administer county business. 

When this idea was floated in the past some have argued that we need more representation not less. This argument is spurious at best. Quality has always trumped quantity and that is what you would get with a smaller board whose members would be more responsible to the voters. The savings could also help pay for the recycling program. 


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