Trio Honored For Life Saving Efforts In Litchfield


Three individuals were recognized by the Litchfield City Council on Thursday, Mar. 3, for their extraordinary efforts during a traffic accident on Sept. 3.

Police Chief Kenny Ryker awarded Michael Jarden, Michael Phipps and Leann Markham with the American Police Hall of Fame’s Civilian Medal of Appreciation award during the incident, which occurred at East Union and North Henderson in Litchfield.

Phipps and Jarden witnessed the accident and noticed that the driver of the vehicle was unconcious and the vehicle was still moving. Both men tried to gain entry to the vehicle, eventually breaking a window to get the vehicle stopped. Markham then performed CPR on the driver until Litchfield EMS arrived on the scene.

Unfortunately, the driver, Mabel McElroy, passed away from the medical incident that caused the accident, but her son, Montgomery County Sheriff Rick Robbins was at the council meeting to show his appreciation.

“I wish you could have met her before,” Robbins said, adding she would have told some stories and taken the trio out for a beverage afterward.

In other business, the council approved the minutes from the Feb. 18 meeting and the motion to transfer funds and pay bills. Six other motions from new business were also approved with little discussion.

Those motions included to approve an amendment regarding financial policies for the equipment replacement program, to approve the trade-in of firearms forfeited or gifted to the Litchfield Police Department to Acme Sports, Inc. for credit toward the purchase of bulk ammunition, to contract services with Lara Poole for weekend and holiday cleaning services of the comfort stations throughout the Lake Lou Yaeger recreational area for the 2021 season for the monthly rate of $350 and to approve a resolution to use MFT funds in the amount of $279,000 for the rehabilitation and drainage improvements to Weir Street.

The council also approved pay request number two from Gelly Excavating and Construction for $76,870.80 for the South Side Ditch project. Alderman Dwayne Gerl said that he had heard from a number of people regarding the standing water at the site due to the construction and asked when the project would be completed. City Administrator Tonya Flannery said that the contract says the company has until July, but project manager Art Levoy said that he believed Gelly would have the project substantially completed within three weeks if the weather holds.

The other motion to garner discussion was the solicitation of mowing services. Alderman Woodrow Street said that he had spoken to Street Superintendent David Crocks regarding areas that city employees mow. He added that he felt that the council needed to make sure that they were still at a good break even point in regards to the mowing service.

In addition to the regular business, the council also heard from James Winters, who received a bill for $100 after he tripped and fell on State Street and the ambulance was called. Winters told the council that he did not call the ambulance, refused to go to the hospital and did not believe that he should have to pay the bill.

Fire Chief Joe Holomy said that Winters did not want to go to the hospital against the advice of the EMS on the scene and that the fee is the standard for refusals as regulated by city ordinance. Flannery mentioned that Holomy, nor the city administrator had authority to waive the bill.

Mayor Steve Dougherty told Winters that they would discuss the item, but were unable to take action on it that night.


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