Tuesday Is Primary Election Day


Voters in Montgomery County will get their say in selecting candidates from president of the United States to county office during the primary election on Tuesday, March 17.

Polls will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on election day. Those who wish to avoid using pens also used by other voters due to COVID-19 concerns may bring their own black ballpoint pen with them to use, according to Montgomery County Clerk Sandy Leitheiser.  Pens will also be provided at the polls as normal, but this year they will be wiped down periodically by election judges.  Sanitizing wipes, disinfectant spray and hand sanitizer will also be supplied at polling places so judges can perform routine cleaning of frequently touched pens and voting equipment.

Access to the Historic Courthouse on election night to view returns has been cancelled due to public safety concerns.  Results will by posted as the come in on the county website, montgomeryco.com.

Not only will partisan voters select their candidates, they will also elect the precinct committee representatives.  Voters in Hillsboro city limits will get the chance to advise their city council on whether recreational cannabis sales should be allowed in the city.  That advisory question will not only be on Republican and Democrat ballots, but also on non-partisan ballots in Hillsboro.

Although the fields seems to have narrowed, still 18 names appear on the Democratic ballot for president: Amy Klobuchar, Deval Patrick, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Michael Bloomburg, Elizabeth Warren, Pete Buttigieg, Tom Steyer, Andrew Yang, Michael Bennet, John Delaney, Tulsi Gabbard and Cory Booker.  There are 22 names on the ballot for delegate to the national convention, and voters may select up to five.

Richard Durbin is unopposed for nomination for U.S. Senate, and Democrat voters may select between Betsy Dirksen Londrigan and Stefanie Smith for U.S. Representative.

Chase Wilhelm is seeking Democratic nomination for state representative, Bryant Hitchings for state’s attorney, Rick Broaddus for county board district 1, Jim Moore for county board district 4, Richard Wendel for county board district 5, Paul Sellers for county board district 6, and Tim Fogle for county board district 7.

Judy Cates seeks the Democratic nomination for state supreme court, and Sarah Smith is a Democrat seeking nomination for appellate court.

Names on the ballot for Democrat precinct committeeperson are Stephen Voyles in East Fork 1, Steven Traylor in East Fork 3, James Evans in Fillmore Consolidated, Paul Sellers in Hillsboro 2, Jim Moore in Hillsboro 5, Trever Loafman in Nokomis 3, Michael Glenn in Nokomis 4, Louis Lewey in North Litchfield 2, Tim Fogle in North Litchfield 3, Ted Elizondo in North Litchfield 5, Chuck Napier in North Litchfield 6.

Also, Lyn Lanter in South Litchfield 1, Perry Jackson in South Litchfield 2, Richard Wendel in South Litchfield 4, and Olin Clayton in Zanesville.  Melanie Sherer is running as a write-in in Hillsboro 6.

On the Republican ballot, their are two names for president, Donald Trump and Roque De La Fuenta.  Three candidates are unopposed for convention delegate, Martin Davis, Susan Gant Reynolds and Maria Vasquez, and three are unopposed as alternates, Don Tracy, Kevin Breheny and Seth McMillan.

Six candidates seek the party nomination for U.S. Senator: Mark Curran, Tom Tarter, Casey Chlebek, Peggy Hubbard and Robert Marshall.  Rodney Davis is unopposed as Republican for U.S. Representative.

Two Republicans seek the nomination for state representative, Avery Bourne and Lawrence Oliver.  Holly Lemons seeks nomination for circuit clerk, Andrew Affrunti for state’s attorney, Randy Leetham for coroner, Connie Taylor Beck and Jeremy Jones for two seats in county board District 1, Gene Miles, Jim Havera and Chuck Graden for two seats in District 2, Doug Donaldson in District 3, Russell Beason in District 5, Bev McCoy in District 6, and Andy Ritchie in District 7.

Two Republicans seek the nomination for state supreme court, David Overstreet and John Barberis, and two seek the nomination for appellate court, Mark Boie and Katherine Ruocco.

Two candidates are seeking the office of precinct committeeperson in Irving, Kirby Furness and James Jones.  Republicans running unopposed for precinct office are Jim Allen in Bois D’Arc, Roberta Meyer in East Fork 2, Brad Ozee in East Fork 3, Terry Richmond in Hillsboro 1, Mark Hughes in Hillsboro 2, Dick James in Hillsboro 3, Bev McCoy in Hillsboro 4, Jim Vazzi in Hillsboro 5, Jim Havera in Nokomis 4, Connie Beck in North Litchfield 1, Curt Faas in North Litchfield 3, Jeremy Jones in Pitman, Tim Mizera in Raymond, Bill Bergen in South Litchfield 1, Marcia Sailsbury in South Litchfield 2, Kenneth Gaffney in South Litchfield 4, and Donna Yeske in Witt 1.


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