Value And Commitment Instilled In Stepson


My name is Bart Wetzel and I have resided in Hillsboro for the past 20-plus years.  You may know me as the anesthetist at Hillsboro Area Hospital, or from my past involvement with coaching little league baseball, soccer, being on the school board at St. Louis Catholic School in Nokomis, or a scout leader with the Boy Scouts of America.

Some of you will know me as the parent of Joshua Wetzel, Emily Wetzel, Austin Clark and Dillon Clark.  My parenting has always been with the goal to raise educated, responsible, independent young adults who will think for themselves, function independently and stand by their actions while being accountable.

Too many times we are labeled a Republican or a Democrat because of our conservative or liberal views.  Many of us are compassionate yet financially conservative.  These ideas can co-exist, but are difficult to represent in our two-party system.  Common sense is not common in politics.

With the upcoming election, I am one of the many independent voters who cannot and will not be categorized in one political party or the other.  Our politics are too polarized for my liking, and life exists not at one extreme or the other but resides somewhere in the middle.  We should be thinking about the issues and their implications affecting our community and not just backing a party affiliation.

My stepson Dillon Clark is running for the Representative position in the 95th District (Montgomery, Macoupin, half of Christian County and parts of Madison County).  I urge you to vote for Dillon Clark as these values and commitment to community involvement have been instilled in this fine young man.  

He was raised in our community and resides in our community.  He will represent our community.  He has made himself available at social events, parades, etc. to listen to your concerns; he has been walking the district, knocking on doors to hear from you.

Thank you for your time and consideration, but most importantly, please execute your civil duty and vote.  Let your voice be heard.