Vazzi And Robbins Have Successfully Led Office


Montgomery County citizens will be voting soon to elect a new sheriff to lead the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.

I would like to share some of my insight.  I have been a deputy sheriff with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office for 23 years, working under the direction of Sheriff Jim Vazzi, who is a well-respected law enforcement professional.  Sheriff Vazzi appointed Rick Robbins to the position of undersheriff 17 years ago, and together they have successfully led the sheriff's office.

Robbins has assisted with the daily operations of the sheriff's office, which includes managing the deputies, investigations, telecommunications, jail operations and court security.  Robbins has demonstrated that he is fair and professional in his leadership.  I have spent countless hours working together with Robbins, who strives to provide professional law enforcement services.  Robbins' dedication to the sheriff's office is certainly unsurpassed, and he has an outstanding work ethic.

Robbins has been involved within the community, and he has provided safety and awareness presentations to the citizens of Montgomery County.  For many years, he has spoken on the topics that include home security/personal safety, methamphetamine awareness, drugs, drug awareness for school students, current scams and active shooter.

Robbins is a very qualified candidate for sheriff.  His job knowledge, confidence and professional demeanor make him an asset to law enforcement in Montgomery County.  I sincerely recommend Rick Robbins for sheriff.