We Need To Be Concerned If We Are On God's Side


Wake up, America!

As you recall from history,

the fall of Rome's no mystery.

As you can plainly see today,

it could by the fall of the USA.

Not destroyed by an atom war,

but a stronger enemy by far.

Alcohol and worldly lust,

will turn America into dust.

by John T. Hudelson, 1962

This letter is to Christians.  We need not be so concerned if God is Republican or Democrat, or what side He is on.  We need to be more concerned if we are on His side or not.

According to His word, He would not condone some things that we have winked at in our laws, abortion being just one of them.  We who call ourselves Christian have a responsibility to vote for life as He, speaking of God, would do.

There's a vacancy on the supreme court that must be filled.  Justice Anthony Kennedy has retired, leaving the balance on the high court at stake. We have an opportunity like no time in my lifetime to ensure that there is a consistently conservative supreme court majority that will enforce, not only the constitution, but uphold the rule of law.

This is a critically important moment in our history. The next supreme court justice will likely be the determining vote on the most monumental issues of our time: abortion, religious liberty, national security and free speech.  This is why it matters how you vote.

So I ask all those who call themselves "Christian" to spend  much time in prayer for this midterm election.  And be more concerned if you are on God's side, rather than if He is on your side or not.