Whites Help With Flood Relief Efforts


"I saw photos on the internet of the devastation in Nebraska and just wanted to help," said Brandon White of Irving. "But those photos really don't do it justice 'til you see it with your own eyes."

Brandon and his wife, Stephanie, donated 16 bales of hay from their farm to the flood relief efforts in Nebraska this spring. And Brandon made the long haul out there with family friend, Earl Ellis. They left Montgomery County on Friday, April 5.

White said he learned more about Operation Haylift through Farm Rescue, where he has volunteered before in North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa. 

"I called the operations coordinator and asked how I could help," White said.

When they arrived in Nebraska, White said everyone was grateful for their help. And after delivering his own donation, he and Ellis also hauled 72 bales of hay and cornstalks to other farms throughout Nebraska.

White said he donated the hay, as well as the use of his truck and the fuel. He gives special thanks to Springfield Tractor and Trailer and Dennis Weakley for donating the use of a step deck trailer.

"Words just don't describe the devastation there," White said. "You just gotta see it. One farmer told me that a nine to 11 foot wall of water hit their farm in 15 minutes."

Operation Haylift continues to provide flood relief for farmers in Nebraska through the Farm Rescue program. For more information, visit www.farmrescue.org.

"I had the hay to spare, and my wife and I felt like this was a good way to help out," White said. "I met some very nice people. They gave us food and a place to stay. Everyone was very appreciative."