Why Hasn't Coffeen Been Given Same Consideration?


I have worked over 27 years in another generating station and as a concerned citizen and resident of this area, these are some of my concerns.

Coffeen Power Station (the cleanest plant in the world) is owned by Vistra and is being closed.  Vistra is also closing three other plants.  These plants do put out some pollution.

Vistra reports that they are closing the Coffeen plant due to it not being profitable and will not sell the plant to anyone else.  Clinton Nuclear Power Plant has not been profitable from the beginning and therefore has been supplemented.  This raises the question why hasn't Coffeen been given the same consideration? Other things that have been subsidized are wind, solar, nuclear and geothermal.

According to Senior Director of Community Affairs Brad Watson, they plan to develop solar power to be operational by 2022 and a storage facility by 2024.  They would need $450 million in tax credit or subsidies from the state and would employ ten people or less when operational.

Power plant emissions have been lowered, thus eliminating the necessity of buying credits from Coffeen Power Plant.  In the future if pollution standards are raised after closing the plant like Coffeen (the cleanest plant in the world), then they will no longer be able to buy credits from Coffeen.  This will enable corporations to close other power plants that do not meet the pollution standards.

Our Governor Pritzker wants to do away with all coal mines and coal powered electric power plants.  He has raised car and truck titles and licenses, trailer licenses and titles and gasoline tax.  

The following are things that will affect this community. Good paying jobs will be gone. Businesses may have to close.  Property taxes will go up. Property value will go down. Revenue from construction and repairs of the power plant will be lost.

Options: Transfer to PJM area (Coffeen could become profitable, clean power). Add solar panels that are supplemented (This would make Coffeen more profitable clean power). Plant could be sold.  Switch to natural gas.

If they go to wind and solar, the problem is that the sun doesn't always shine and the wind doesn't always blow.  A reliable source like Coffeen Power Plant is necessary to ensure a constant power source.  With the technology available today the plant could be retrofitted to burn the coal from Deer Run Coal Mine in Hillsboro.

Closing Coffeen Power Plant: Is this political? Is it monetary? Is it both or none? What do you think?


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