Wise Choice To Stay In Hillsboro Area Hospital


Early in the afternoon of July 17, I began to feel sick. As the day progressed, I became sicker.

I chose to not go to the emergency room at the hospital, but wait until the next day to see the doctor.  Fortunately, I was able to get an appointment.  I was examined, given a diagnosis, had a chest x-ray and prescribed medication.

After one week I was no better and another medical problem reared its ugly head.  I desperately needed to see my doctor.  I called the office and learned that he was pretty much booked for the day.  The staff at Springfield Clinic East worked to fit me in a time slot.  While I had to wait for the doctor, the staff took care of me.  Thank you, staff, for the time and effort you put forth to get me an appointment.

The doctor took time from his busy schedule to see me.  After looking at the records, he decided I needed to be in the hospital, first to treat the original illness and then to find the cause for the second one.  We made the decision to go to Hillsboro Area Hospital.  Doctor made the arrangements for me to go there.  He made me feel calm about the whole situation.  Dr. Billington, I don't think I can ever express my relief when I saw you come into that hospital room.  Thank you.

The staff at Springfield Clinic East got me to the hospital.  From the time I was wheeled to the admissions desk until I was in a room was about 20 minutes.

The minute I was in my room, I was given immediate care.  The nursing staff presented a very professional, compassionate, caring attitude.  I became their focus for the rest of my stay in the hospital. There were no long waits when I used the call button–very prompt.  The nurses and aides never left my room without asking if there was anything else they could do for me.  

The technical staff made me calm, comfortable and unafraid for a test in that spooky machine.  The housekeeping staff was friendly and pleasant and did a great job.  I was surprised when they came Sunday morning to do their job.  The staff that took the menu orders, delivered the food and picked up the trays were all smiley, cheerful people.

Ah, the food!  It can no long be called "hospital food."  Is it the galloping gourmet? No.  Is it down-home cooking? No.  It is just plain old well-prepared, tasty food.  You can choose to eat what the dieticians have prepared for that day, or you could choose from a menu with dozens of other foods.  My husband ate lunch with me every day.  He got his first meal free and after that it cost $5–a bargain.

My daughter was surprised to see people working there who she had in school in the past.  These people chose not to leave the community to work–hometown people taking care of patients.

And of course, the biggie: the medical care I received put me on the mend and–importantly–found the reason for the second illness and corrected it.  As a result of the excellent care I received, I was able to go home a day earlier than planned.

Going home on Sunday was going to present a problem, as the pharmacy was not open on Sunday.  Not a problem for my nurse!  She had it all taken care of.

We even witnessed how the staff responds to an emergency situation.  Waiting in my room for discharge papers, a blur flew down the hall.  Whitney had her running shoes on!

The reason for writing all of this is to let you know that when your doctor needs you to be in the hospital, a wise choice would be to stay in Hillsboro Area Hospital.  You will receive all of the same medical attention there as you would in a Springfield hospital and you won't have to travel 50 miles to get there.  Hillsboro Area Hospital is an asset to our community.  We should take advantage of their expertise.

To my family: thank you for being there for me.  You kept me from worrying by entertaining me when you visited me.  Thank you for seeing that prayer chains were started for me.  I wish I had a way to find out the number of prayers that went heavenward for me.

My highest praise and my heartfelt gratitude goes to my Almighty God for providing the means for my healing.  God is still in the healing business.


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